Lecture 1 - Instructor Chem 172 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

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Chem 172 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Instructor Xiangfeng Duan Email: [email protected] Office Hour: Monday 2:00-3:00 pm or by appointment at MSB 2505B 1997 B.S. Chemistry, University of Science and Technology of China research in inorganic nanoclusters 1999 M.A. Chemistry, Harvard University 2002 Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, Harvard University research in semiconductor nanowires, nanoelectronics 2002-2008 Nanosys Inc in Silicon Valley commercializing nanotechnology, electronics, memory, LED 2008-present UCLA Heterointegration of inorganic nanostructures for applications in future electronic, energy and biomedicine Functional Nanostructures and Nanodevices H +H2 O 2+H+ 2O + + 2 Rational Design and Synthesis of Functional Nanostructures Nanoscale devices for future electronics, renewable energy, and biomedical research Oxidizing Agent Reduced Product Reducing Agent Oxidized Product Schottky Diode Ohmic contact Pt n-Si n+-Si Ag h ν h+ Silicon Oxide Shel Pt n-Si n+-Si Ag h+ e- e- TA: Erin Broderick Email: [email protected] Section time: Tues at 9am in 1340 Young Hall Office Hour: Young Hall Kevin Miller Email: [email protected] Section time: Office hour: Miessler, G. L., Tarr, D. A. Inorganic Chemistry, 4 th Edition , Shriver & Atkins: Inorganic Chemistry , 5 th Ed ition, W.H. Freeman and Company Suggested Textbook/reference book Exams and Grading: Exam 1: 25%, April 23, 2010 Exam 2: 25%, May 21, 2010 Final: 40%, June 10, 2010, 11:30am-2:30pm Homework : 10% the problem sets will only be graded complete or incomplete, solutions will be provided on web or in discussion sections NOTE: Absences from exams result in assignment of zero points to your grade. NO make-up exams will be given. Reference Materials on Web: http://voh.chem.ucla.edu/
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This note was uploaded on 06/27/2010 for the course CHEM Chem 172 taught by Professor Duan,x. during the Spring '10 term at UCLA.

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Lecture 1 - Instructor Chem 172 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

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