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Lab 3 - IR Spectroscopy

Lab 3 - IR Spectroscopy - What can you conclude Explain(III...

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C HEMISTRY 30AL S PRING 2010 E XPERIMENT #14 P OST - LAB R EPORT G UIDELINES FOR THE I NFRARED S PECTROSCOPY W ORKSHOP T HIS IS A GROUP REPORT . Y OU WILL START E XPERIMENT #14 ON A PRIL 22 &23 On-line Resources For This Experiment: I NFRARED SPECTROSCOPY NOTE: THERE IS NO PRELAB FOR THIS "EXPERIMENT" M AKE SURE THAT YOUR GROUP COMPLETES ALL THE FOLLOWING ITEMS BEFORE TURING IN THE GROUP REPORT . R EFER TO THE LAB SCHEDULE FOR DUE DATE . F OR THIS REPORT , YOU MAY ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS ON THE IR WORKSHEETS . (I) Completed IR worksheets for the 5 molecules. (You will get an IR worksheet during the IR lab; One worksheet /group). The 5 molecules are: 2 "different" carbon dioxide; acetic acid; propionamide and allyl benzoate. (II) Compare the IR frequencies for carbon dioxide calculated by the TWO different quantum theoretical methods ( the ones you did on Spartan in the lab ) with the experimental IR frequencies for carbon dioxide listed on page 84 in the manual.
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Unformatted text preview: What can you conclude? Explain. (III) Label ALL the bond angles, distances and strain energy for the molecule of caffeine . (IV) Analyze the LITERATURE caffeine IR spectrum by identifying as many vibrational motions for various functional groups as you can on the spectrum. The literature caffeine IR spectrum is attached on the last page of your IR worksheets. If for some reason, you don’t have the literature IR spectrum for caffeine, you can go to the following web site to download the IR spectrum of pure caffeine: http://chemfinder.cambridgesoft.com/ In the search engine, type " caffeine ". Scroll down the screen and there should be an item called " NIST Chemistry WebBook ". Click on " Information for this particular compound " under the NIST link. You should be able to find the gas phase IR spectrum of pure caffeine....
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