Soil Project Oral Presentation

Soil Project Oral Presentation - C h e m is t r y 3 0 A L...

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Chemistry 30AL Guide to Oral Presentations for the Soil Analysis Project The oral presentations will be administrated by both your TA and the course instructor Refer to the lab schedule for the date of the presentations The oral presentation performance will be evaluated based on both the individual performance and the group coordination (I) Materials/Equipment available in labs during the presentations: (i) White-board (ii) Over-head Projector (iii) XGA/VGA Signals Converter (for connection of laptop to TV for presentations) (iv) TV that can be connected to (iii) for presentation Transparencies can be obtained from Dr. Henary. If you have a laptop computer, you may be able to connect it directly to our TV system for your presentation (i.e. Power Point ). However, your group is responsible for checking with the course instructor in advance ( NO LATER THAN Friday May 28 BY 1pm) before the oral presentation to ensure that the system is compatible with your computer. Your group may also use posters to enhance the “visual” effects during the presentation. (II) Structure of the Soil Project Presentation:
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Soil Project Oral Presentation - C h e m is t r y 3 0 A L...

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