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Soil Project Post Lab - CHEMISTRY 30AL SPRING 2010 SOIL...

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C HEMISTRY 30AL S PRING 2010 S OIL A NALYSIS P ROJECT - POST- LAB R EPORT G UIDELINE On Line resource: Chromatography Chemical compounds Your group report should address the following items. The report must be in a well- written format. You MUST list ALL the references that you use including references for any spectra that you find. Attached ALL the experimental spectra and the literature spectra to your report. Your group may submit a typewritten post-lab report for the soil project. However, DO NOT “CUT & PASTE” the report among the group members. Your soil report MUST consist of UNIFORM FONTS AND STYLE. The written content of the report should be PRINTED from a SINGLE computer and printer. Remember that during the process of writing this report will also provide you a chance to review and understand the materials that you have learned so far in 30AL and 20L. In other words, understanding the logics and theories of this report will help you prepare for the final exam. Each of you must understand the chemistry for both the organic part and the inorganic part of the project especially for the final exam. Soil Analysis Project Post-lab Report Format (I) List the names and responsibilities of all the group members in writing the soil report and during the soil experiment. (II)
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This note was uploaded on 06/27/2010 for the course CHEMISTRY Chem 30AL taught by Professor Henary,m. during the Spring '10 term at UCLA.

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Soil Project Post Lab - CHEMISTRY 30AL SPRING 2010 SOIL...

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