Syllabus - C h e m is tr y 3 0 A L C O U R SE I N F O R M A...

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Chemistry 30AL COURSE INFORMATION Spring 2010 Instructor: Dr. Maher M. Henary (1072 Young Hall) Office Hours: Young Hall 1336 Email: [email protected] Lecture: Monday 3:00 PM CS 50 Lab: Various times 1337, 1343 Young Hall Required Texts: (1) Chemistry Experiments for physical Science & Engineering Majors, A.A. Russell and M. M. Henary Burgess Publishing 1998 (same as 20L) SBN #: 0808725165 (2) Techniques in Organic Chemistry (3 rd Edition) by Mohrig, Hammond, Schatz and Morrill, W.H. Freeman and Company 2010 ( ISBN -13: 978-1-4292-1956-3; ISBN-10: 1-42692-1956-4 ) (NEW TEXTBOOK. Also use in Chem 30BL & 30CL). (3) Laboratory Notebook with duplicate pages (same as 20L) Recommended Texts: (1) Organic Chemistry W.H. Brown and C.S. Foote or ANY other organic textbook (2) Principles of Modern Chemistry, 5 th Ed. Oxtoby, Gillis and Nachtrieb or ANY other general chemistry text Virtual Office Hours: Chem 30AL will use the Department of Chemistry’s virtual office hour (VOH) function on the Internet for posting guidelines and announcements. VOH URL: Grading: To receive a passing grade (C-), you must complete ALL the experiments and reports and receive at least 50% of the points in the exams category . Preparation for lab – Pre-lab assignments 85 13.3% Lab technique, accuracy of work and lab clean u p 50 7.8% Documentation of lab work - Lab reports 245 38.3% Conceptual Understanding of Lab – On-Line Writing Assignments (2 @ 20 EACH) 40 6.2% Conceptual Understanding of Lab – Midterm 80 12.5% Conceptual Understanding of Lab – Final 140 21.9% TOTAL 640 100% Lecture Schedule: March 29
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This note was uploaded on 06/27/2010 for the course CHEMISTRY Chem 30AL taught by Professor Henary,m. during the Spring '10 term at UCLA.

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Syllabus - C h e m is tr y 3 0 A L C O U R SE I N F O R M A...

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