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Unformatted text preview: BIS101/Engebrecht Name:________________________ Fall 2008 Last, First ID #: _________________________ BIS 101 FINAL A KEY This exam has a total of 140 points READ THE QUESTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU ANSWER. SHOW ALL WORK TO GET FULL CREDIT. Please sign your name on the score sheet. This exam has eleven pages including this cover page and the score sheet. HONOR CODE: My signature below affirms that I wrote this exam in the spirit of the honor system of the University of California, Davis. I neither received nor furnished any help during the exam, nor did I use any unauthorized references. Signature: ______________________________________________________ Good Luck Authorization for Public Distribution of Graded Examination I, ______________________________________, ID# _______________________ authorize that after this exam is graded, it can be placed in a holding bin, labeled BIS 101-003/Engebrecht, on the first floor of Briggs Hall. NOTE: University policy, no regrades on final exams 1. Using the list of words on the next page, please indicate which best describes the term (30pt 2pts for each correct answer ): Mouse and human genes are arranged in similar blocks displaying _ synteny _____ The restriction/modification system is a means to protect bacteria from _ viruses ____ When a vector containing the N-terminal portion of lacZ, without an insert, is expressed in E. coli that also expresses the C-terminal portion of lacZ, functional -galactosidase is produced; this occurs by alpha complementation Reverse transcriptase uses mRNA as a template to produce ____c DNA ______ Sickle cell anemia is caused by a single nucleotide change that results in the absence of a recognition site for the DdeI restriction endonuclease; this is an example of a __ RFLP _ ________ Sanger sequencing relies on the ability of ___ ddNTPs _ to cause chain termination during DNA synthesis. The study of all the genes that make up an organism ___ Genomics _____ Hemi-methylation of newly replicated DNA allows this system to repair the correct strand of DNA ___ MMR ___ The yeast two hybrid system relies on the modular nature of these proteins Transcription factors Cause 50% of all spontaneous mutations in Drosophila _ Transposons ____ The synthesis of RNA with the use of a DNA template __ Transcription __ Production of a polypeptide from mRNA ___ Translation ___ A double-stranded molecule of DNA containing single complementary strands derived from different sources ___ Heteroduplex __ E. coli, yeast, C. elegans, Drosophila and mouse are examples of Model Organisms ....
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F08FinalKey - BIS101/Engebrecht...

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