quiz3Spring2009 - Name Last First(PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY...

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Name:______________________________ Last, First (PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY ) 1 CHEMISTRY 8A Spring 2009 Quiz 3 June 1, 2009 Professor Sheila S. David 1. ( 12 points) 2. ( 20 points) 3. ( 18 points) 4. ( 6 points) 5. ( 10 points) 6. ( 10 points) 7. ( 6 points) 8. (8 points) 9. ( 10 points) Total ( 100 points) Extra Credit ( 5 points) For students to read at exam time: Closed book and notes. You may use a calculator. Please read exam carefully. Partial credit may be awarded if you show your work. For students to read after exam is returned: If you have any problems with the grading of a question, return your exam to Dr. David/TAs before June 8 with a note attached indicating which problems should be regarded and a brief explanation. The TAs and the professor will sit down together to do all re-grades at one time. Tests will not be regarded after June 8. Student ID Number: _____________________________ ID Check
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Last, First (PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY ) 2 Br Br Br CH 3 CH 3 Br 1. (12 pts/4 pts each) Appetizers/ Multiple Choice—Put answer in the box at the right (i) The reaction of 2-bromo-2-methylpropane with water is shown below. Br H 2 O OH This reaction is an example of: A. a substitution reaction B. a rearrangement reactin C. an elimination reaction D. an addition reaction (ii) Which of the following molecules is chiral? (There may be more than one answer. Write all correct answers down.) A. B. C. D.
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quiz3Spring2009 - Name Last First(PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY...

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