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Fall 2008 NAME:_______________________ Mid Term Exam Page 1 of 6 Multiple choice questions – one or more of the lettered choices after each item is correct. Write the letters for the one (or more) correct answers in the LEFT MARGIN. Example: Jack and Jill went up the hill a) to fetch a pail of water b) to escape the paparazzi c) to get to the other side In general, there may be more than one correct answer unless the problems specifically asks for an extreme. So, question asks for (as an example) the most important reason for something, there will be only one correct answer. Each question (1-25) worth 3 points. Question 26 worth 25 points. 1. The “Seven Wonders of the Ancient World” were: a) widely accepted by historians as the most important architectural developments anywhere in the ancient world. b) all destroyed. c) a list of structures that could be visited easily from Greece. d) located one on each continent. 2 Most of the ancient structures that have survived down to the present were made of a) wood b) steel c) concrete d) stone 3 So few houses have from ancient times because a) they were not built with the same care as the monumental structures that have survived. b) they were built from different, less enduring, materials than the monumental structures that have survived. c) the ancients lived in dormitories because houses weren’t invented yet. d) homes were all torn down because they were not interesting to tourists. 4. It is believed that humans developed skills in building around the time that they developed a) medicine b) concrete c) agriculture d) the wheel 5. Explain the connection between building and your answer to question 4: Agriculture facilitated a lengthy stay in a single location, and thus incented construction of permanent dwellings, storage structures, water control features, and so on. A
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Test1Key - CON E 101 Fall 2008 NAME Mid Term Exam A...

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