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Assignment 3 - Walid Hamidy #98 GENS 420 6/28/2010...

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Walid Hamidy #98 GENS 420 6/28/2010 Assignment 3 In reading this article on the ADA and its proposed changes, I have learned a great amount. There are some serious changes that are being considered to provide an even more consistent at federal and state level accessibility. The changes include courtrooms and various recreation facilities such as playgrounds, swimming pools, amusement parks, and golf courses. The article goes on to say that these design changes will be reflected in the building code which was recently updated to the IBC. Some other serious issues addressed include the improving facilities so that people with a hearing disability can convey vital information in medical settings. Further more, the article brings to light the use of mobility devices like Segways. These are proposed changes that were brought forth by and listened to acting Assistant Attorney General Grace Chung Becker. Fifty people, speaking on their own behalf or representing businesses, professional entities, or advocacy groups testified. Another 2,000 people
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Assignment 3 - Walid Hamidy #98 GENS 420 6/28/2010...

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