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Assignment 6 - Walid Hamidy#98 GENS 420 Assignment#6...

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Walid Hamidy #98 GENS 420 11/12/2008 Assignment #6: Interview The story of my friend John had a big effect on my life. That’s why I decided to interview him for the required assignment. John is a 35 year old from Los Angeles. He is full of energy and potential. He graduated from USC in Southern California in 2000. John like most other 30 year olds is still very into sports and light working out. His lifelong hobby has been playing basketball. As an adult, John holds a professional job as an accountant here locally in San Diego and is active in many events that take place for wheelchair basketball foundations. John currently lives by himself and does not need an assistant with his day-to-day tasks. After chatting for a while, John opens up about how he feels he is treated in society. To John, it would be just great if everyone would treat him exactly like a person without a wheelchair. It is his experience that people are overly apologetic and treat him as if he is completely incapable of doing anything. The reality is that he is very capable. John holds a fulltime job with few exceptions made for his disability. John’s accident occurred later on in his life so his educational career was already complete. In talking to John I found out that while he has experienced discrimination in an indirect way, it was from the person’s ignorance, not their
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Assignment 6 - Walid Hamidy#98 GENS 420 Assignment#6...

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