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Walid Hamidy RWS 305 Vanderpot 11/4/2008 2. Having seen “behind the scenes” what do you think about corporate-America’s influence on young people? Corporate America has a very obvious influence on young people. America’s corporations set the pop culture pace with trends and fads by having a mass captive audience. The media influences young people through deceitful advertising, but the masses also present a clear demand for the influence. This is done by market research that corporations shell out big bucks for. It is completely worth it for them to spend the amount they spend on marketing because the end result is a big demographic that will be interested in what you have to offer. But not all influences are long lasting; in fact, they tend to morph from one entity to another. We have many examples of this in our society. One of reality television’s pioneer programs was “The Bachelor” on ABC. Looking for true love, the contestant took a group of girls into his home, and as the season progressed, the group got smaller until there was just one rose, or
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Midterm-Question2 - Walid Hamidy RWS 305 Vanderpot...

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