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Walid Hamidy RWS 305 Vanderpot 6/28/2010 A Beginning Jill Nelson Jill Nelson’s article, A Beginning was a good read. She starts out with her own experience throughout school and certain expectations. Her example is one which involves her grades. When ever she got As and Bs, teachers would comment “Needs improvement” while when she earned a C, it was always “Good job!” She makes her point by providing numerous tips which outline actual tasks and a specific mentality which black women must posses in order to succeed. She strives to mention that simultaneously engaging is better than doing things solely as advised by many self-help books. Other tips include getting involved as their basis. For instance she specifically advises to get involved with the local community and perhaps create certain groups for other black women to join and be a part of.
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Unformatted text preview: All in all, her advice is very direct and in a systematic fashion. I felt this was a good piece to read because it really relates to our times now. I say that with reference to the elections this year. More than ever, black people in general, are involved in the election process. They are finding a candidate more than ever to represent them and speak for them. I feel this article was relevant and makes some good points. I was not around in the 1960s or 1970s but through Hollywood depiction and other sources I have an idea of how different black people were then versus now. I agree with the writer in a need for greater involvement by black people in general. I feel they are very capable but unwilling to get involved. Her overall message is to become something, if you’re a black women....
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