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RWS 305 Paper 2 - Walid Hamidy RWS 305 The Work Force as It...

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Walid Hamidy RWS 305 6/28/2010 The Work Force as It Seems The articles by Bacon, Ehrenreich, and Helgesen had general ideas about the classes within the working force in our society. The psychology of the American low wage worker is an extremely complex issue. It is a mixture of sacrifice and complaint, pride and subjugation, belonging and being on the fringe of society. The conditions of the work place for the regular low-wage workers in the United States are discouraging, degrading, and especially now, unfair. It is not easy to make it in this country with so many false hopes and a fairytale imagination. The article about the immigrant from China who came to the US is very familiar to me. Lisa Liu, the main character in the article describes her first few days in the U.S by “When I first came to the United States I needed a lot of time to work to stabilize my self” (Bacon 206). Liu also describes her false perceptions about America and the freedoms that Americans are blessed with. “Before I came here, my experience in China was that life was very strict. I heard that in America you have a lot of freedom, and I wanted to breathe the air of that freedom” (Bacon 206). Being an immigrant from Afghanistan, I experienced something that is perhaps not as direct but similar to the circumstances Liu describes in the article. When my family and I moved to the US we had very little to work with. We had no other family to gain a better understanding of the assimilation that takes place in this country. Our struggle to become who we are today and successfully achieve higher education in this country has been the overall goal of my parents. My father is the best role model to study in an effort to gain success in what was
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RWS 305 Paper 2 - Walid Hamidy RWS 305 The Work Force as It...

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