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RWS 305 X Essay 1 - Walid Hamidy RWS 305 Vanderpot 7/2/2010...

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Walid Hamidy RWS 305 Vanderpot 7/2/2010 Malcolm X Education is the knowledge of putting one's potentials to maximum use. It is also a central issue in the complex process of development . In the four articles we read in Marcia Muth’s book, it was implied that the importance of education comes from its effect on a person’s character. This has been a personal challenge and hurdle which I have overcome to now be where I am. The effect education had on Malcolm X’s character was very clear. Malcolm X is a captivating person to approach as an educational thinker. Maybe not because he was an academic or possessed scholastic achievement, but as an example of what can be achieved by someone that takes part in self-education. In "Prison Studies" Malcolm X briefly details how during his incarceration, he embarked on a process of self-education that forever changed his life. Malcolm writes about his willpower to learn to read and write. His native curiosity, sense of pride, and ambition to learn and be someone of essence motivated him to study persistently. He believed that prison offered him the perfect situation in which to pursue knowledge. This idea of X's, that prison was the best situation in which to educate himself needs some assessment. Education plays a very important rule in a person’s future. That was clearly indicated in the article on Malcolm X.
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RWS 305 X Essay 1 - Walid Hamidy RWS 305 Vanderpot 7/2/2010...

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