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Walid Hamidy RWS 305 Vanderpot 9/15/08 Malcolm X Education is the knowledge of putting one's potentials to maximum use. It is also a central issue in the complex process of development . In American society, someone from an impoverished background can transform their destiny through education. Therefore, the importance and purpose of education are to develop every individual to their full potential, its effect on a person’s character, individuality and its results on the future of that person. The effect education had on Malcolm X’s character was very clear. He wasn’t impressive just because he was an academic or had scholastic achievements, but as an example of what can be achieved by someone engages in self-education. In "Prison Studies" Malcolm X briefly reviews how during his incarceration, he
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Unformatted text preview: learned of a process which can only be described as self-education. I feel I can relate to his struggle in that going to school now is not easy. One must always strive to find truth from falsehood, accurate information from the imprecise. Malcolm X had a realization that his environment could be his greatest tool. The feeling one gets attending San Diego State University can’t be related to that of a prison but similarities do exist. In many instances I feel constrained or unable to do things as I would like to. I am then forced to work with what I have and therefore an experience arises which can be related to that of being incarcerated. Hamidy 1...
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