Assignment #4 cs 301

Assignment #4 cs 301 - Assignment#4 I believe that the...

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Unformatted text preview: Assignment #4 I believe that the digital right management techniques are used to help regulate infringement, as it is so widespread. This is an answer to the copyright holder's demand that this be regulated. It does not violate the public's rights to fair use, it actually supports it by protecting the copyright holder and the public from infringement. I can agree with these restrictions, if it would be something like not allowing the user to copy the cd, as that is infringement. It should not be allowed for people to create and sell devices that hinder the efficacy of digital rights management. In the Grokster case, their product encouraged infringement. This is similar in that by removing the digital rights management restrictions using a specific software program, that will allow the user to infringe and violate the clause of fair use. I'm all for capitalism and inventors, and computer scientists, but a line must be drawn. In the Napster and Grokster cases, the court helped to make the line more definitive in that if you sell a...
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