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group presentation part 2

group presentation part 2 - names each time they got...

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Katherine Yang Duncan: “Introduction: The Uses of Silence and the Will of Unsay” Part 2 Two Major Themes: Gender and Silence - “The relationship between speech and silence represents a site of power wherein subjectivities may be created, destroyed, or transformed” pg. 312 Silence: - Different Functions of Silence: To forget things, become “American” and keep secrets concealed - Kingston, an author, described in her work that her father’s sister shamed the family and in turn was totally erased and not spoken about - Illegal Asian immigrants taught told their children to keep things hidden from the U.S. immigration (“Ghosts”) so that they wouldn’t get deported o Children were told to tell “ghosts” that their parents died in the S.F. fires, give fake
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Unformatted text preview: names each time they got arrested and (pg. 315)-To become “American Feminine”, Chinese girls were taught to speak softly or not at all Gendered Subjectivity:-The pursuit of American Feminine by Chinese girls led to the notion - turned stereotype - that Chinese girls were inherently silent and that silence was a cultural trait-Asian American girls were silenced by being made to feel that they were inferior and “had nothing of value to contribute to class discussion” (pg. 314)-Duncan notes how women were being unheard because English is a male-dominated language, thus women are unable to express their ideas and thoughts effectively Do you think silence is more of an inherent trait or an acquired one?...
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