E Text Ch15 - The raw data was found by using Excel and...

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E-Text Assignment 1 E-Text Assignment Chapter 15 E-Text Assignment Chapter 15 Neil Robinson Research and Evaluation II RES 342 University of Phoenix
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E-Text Assignment 2 15.17 Employees of Axolotl Corporation were sampled at random from pay records and asked to complete an anonymous job satisfaction survey, yielding the tabulation shown. Research question: At α = .05, is job satisfaction independent of pay category? Employee Pay Type Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied Total Salaried 20 13 2 35 Hourly 135 127 58 320 Total 155 140 60 355 The first thing to do is to find the null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis. This is to say that according to the null hypothesis the type of pay an employee gets relates to how the how satisfied that employee is with his or her job. The alternative hypothesis simply states that the pay type has nothing to do with if the employee was satisfied with his or her job. For the test we need to find the degree of freedom which would follow the formula:
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Unformatted text preview: The raw data was found by using Excel and entering the data into the formulas there. The data is as follows: Critical Value: CHINV(.05,2) = 5.991 Test Statistic = 4.54 P-value = .1032 This data shows that the critical value is greater than the test static. 4.54 < 5.991. All expected frequencies exceed the 5, and the P-value shows that the difference would increase by chance of 10.3% if pay type and satisfaction were independent of each other. This is not enough evidence to reject the null hypothesis that job satisfaction and pay categories are independent of each other. E-Text Assignment 3 References Doane, D. & Seward, L. (2007). Applied statistics in business and economics. Burr Ridge, IL: McGraw-Hill. Microsoft Office Excel. (Version 1.0) [Computer Software]. Retrieved from http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/excel/default.aspx...
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E Text Ch15 - The raw data was found by using Excel and...

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