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Survey Paper 1 Survey Paper Survey Paper University of Phoenix
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Survey Paper 2 Survey Paper During a recession, people tend to find ways to save money and spend less on products. Organizations also have a tendency to find ways to cut spending during tough economic times. Companies often look to cutting spending on marketing and advertisement during a recession. The survey in the appendix will look at if advertising will have an effect on customer shopping or spending habits during and after a recession by keeping a brand name in the consumer’s minds. The survey will poll the effect advertisement has on the average consumer. The survey will provide the main information on how and when advertisement reaches the consumers and will then also help to gauge the effect the advertisement has on the shopping habits of the consumer. Learning if advertisement is being noticed by the consumer will also show that a brand name is being presented to the consumer, thus the brand name is being reinforced into the consumer’s mind. The questions are appropriate for the research, since the survey is just trying to see if advertisements will help to keep a brand name or product in the minds of a consumer when the consumer has less money to spend on luxuries. The survey will provide me with an insight into
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Survey Paper - Survey Paper 1 Survey Paper Survey Paper...

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