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Important Characters Ashima - Gogol's mom Ashoke - Gogol's dad Gogol (Nikhil) – main characer Sonia - Gogol's sister. Gosh- businessman , dies on the train after the accident Alan and Judy – Hippies; Ashima and Ashoke live in their basement before buying a house Mrs. Lapidus – Gogol’s elementary school principal who doesn’t want to call Gogol, Nikhil
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Unformatted text preview: Maxine Gogols girlfriend before he married Moushumi. Moushumi Gogols wife Dimitri Moushumi has an affair with him after she marries Gogol Bridget Gogol has an affair with her before he marries Moushumi Setting-Eastern USA o Near MIT Massachusetts o Connecticut o New York-Brief period in India-1968-2000 Themes...
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