Comprehensive Review of Handouts W. Answers

Comprehensive Review of Handouts W. Answers - HIS...

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HIS 1043.001/.008 SI SHIRLEY JOHNSON/ SCHWIFF FALL 08 Comprehensive review of Handouts 1. Hamilton proposed a tariff soon after the launching of the United States government in order to?: a. stop the export of raw materials to Great Britain. b. help develop manufacturing in the United States. c. help develop the American labor movement. d. punish Great Britain for postwar harassment of American shipping. e. support the creation of an American merchant marine. 2. The primary issue in dispute in Shay's Rebellion was?: a. the under-representation of western Massachusetts in the state legislature, leading to accusations of "taxation without representation." b. the failure of Massachusetts to pay a promised postwar bonus to soldiers who had served in its forces during the Revolution. c. the jailing of individuals or seizure of their property for failure to pay taxes during a time of economic hardship. d. the failure of Massachusetts authorities to take adequate steps to protect the western part of the state from the depredations of raiding Indians. e. economic oppression practiced by the banking interests of eastern Massachusetts. 3. The Jay Treaty (1794) provided for?: a. the acceptance of American trade with the French West Indies. b. free navigation of the Mississippi. c. an ending of the impressment of American seamen. d. the settlement of the Canadian boundary. e. evacuation of English troops from their posts along the Great Lakes. 4. The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 established what precedent for new territories?: a. equality of new states with old. b. fair treatment of Indians. c. popular sovereignty. d. support for public education. e. prohibition of slavery. 5. In the Republican vision of America, education was essential because?: a. schools were the best place to teach children to be good party members. b. an ignorant electorate could not be trusted to preserve democracy. c. business leaders needed to be educated. d. schools were where religious values were taught. 6. The Judiciary Act of 1789?: a. established a system of lower federal courts. b. provided for the election of federal judges. c. provided for the establishment of state courts. d. provided for the impeachment of federal officials. e. was violated by William Marbury. 7. The main purpose of the Alien and Sedition Acts was to?: a. capture French and British spies. b. control the Federalists. c. silence and punish critics of the Federalists. d. keep Thomas Jefferson from becoming president. 8. Washington's Farewell Address in 1796?: a. warmly endorsed the appearance of two contending political parties in America. b. warned against the dangers of permanent foreign alliances. c. was delivered to a joint session of Congress by Washington himself. d.
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Comprehensive Review of Handouts W. Answers - HIS...

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