Early Industrialization - HIS 1043.001/008 JOHNSON/SCHWIFF...

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HIS 1043.001/008 SI SHIRLEY JOHNSON/SCHWIFF FALL 2008 Early Industrialization 1. The rise of the Industrial Revolution led to? a. A rise in the standard of living for the working class. b. The development of the middle class. c. Great difficulty for the workers in adapting to the new way of life. d. All of these choices are correct. 2. The most profound economic development by mid-19c America was the? a. Development of a national banking system. b. Creation of corporations. c. Rise of the factory. d. Decline of the small-town merchant and general store. 3. The Erie Canal revolutionized domestic markets because it permitted the? a. Shipment of wheat from Chicago to the Pacific Northwest. b. Transfer of goods from New York to New Orleans along inland waterways. c. Movement of cotton from the Deep South to New England. d. Transport of gold from California to the east coast. 4. The following pairs match inventions with their inventors. Which pair is incorrectly matched? a. Samuel Slater -- standardized muskets. b. Eli Whitney -- cotton gin. c. James Watt -- steam engine. d. Robert Fulton -- steamboat. 5. The situation of women and immigrants in the factory system was similar in that they both: a. Were able to organize labor unions successfully. b. Were powerless to affect pay rates or working conditions. c. Saw conditions in their factories slowly improve. d. Found opportunities for rapid improvement. 6. By the first decade of the 19c, American manufacturing had been revolutionized by the advent of: a. Labor unions. b.
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Early Industrialization - HIS 1043.001/008 JOHNSON/SCHWIFF...

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