The American Revolution - The American Revolution 1. Which...

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The American Revolution 1. Which of the following contributed most to the American victory in the Revolution? a. French military and financial assistance b. The failure of Loyalists to participate in military action. c. A major American military victory at Valley Forge. d. The British failure to capture Philadelphia. e. Support from the French Canadians. 2. The Declaration of Independence stated that? a. Men are created unequal. b. Governments derive their power from God. c. It was not right that a small island should rule a large continent. d. There shall be no taxation without representation. e. people have the right to abolish governments destructive of their rights 3. British strategy after 1778 was to? a. Subdue New England by severing it from the other colonies, invading it from Quebec, and blockading it from the sea. b. capitalize on their relations with Native Americans in order to stabilize the backcountry and then press eastward toward the seacoast c. seize key southern posts, enlist the aid of loyalist militiamen, and move northward to pacify one region after another d. hang on until the Americans were worn down, out of supplies, and bankrupt 4. Why did relations between the elites and the common people change as a result of the American Revolution? a. the distribution of wealth changed dramatically during the Revolutionary era b. the elites learned that they would have to treat the common people with respect in order to receive their support c. the departure of the loyalists removed most of the pre-Revolutionary elite from the nation d. the new state constitutions radically democratized politics and reduced the power of the elites 5. What was the role of African-Americans in the American Revolution? a.
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The American Revolution - The American Revolution 1. Which...

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