The Civil War - The Civil War 1 At the outset President...

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1. At the outset, President Lincoln held that the Civil War was being fought to: a. End all state sovereignty. b. Carry out the goals of the abolitionist movement. c. Free the slaves. d. Preserve the union. e. All of these choices are correct. 2. During the Civil War, Kansas and Missouri were: a. Away from the fighting, thus largely peaceful. b. The scene of four major battles. c. Ravaged by guerilla bands from both sides. d. Attacked by Indians allied with the confederacy. 3. The major battle in the western theater during the Civil War which had the effect of splitting the Confederacy in half was: a. The Battle of the Wilderness. b. Vicksburg. c. Gettysburg. d. Antietam. e. First Bull Run. 4. Why did both the South and North experience rioting during the Civil War? a. In the South over easing slave codes; in the North over jailing dissidents. b. On both sides, over military regulations like the draft and economic controls. c. In the South over food; in the North over the draft. d. On both sides, over centralization of political power. 5. During the Civil War, southern women played an especially important part as: a. Managers of farms and plantations. b. Typists and telegraph operators. c. Members of auxiliary units of the armed forces. d. Replacements for men in the south's light industries. 6. The Emancipation Proclamation: a. Freed the slaves and abolished slavery in all the states of the Union and the Confederacy. b.
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The Civil War - The Civil War 1 At the outset President...

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