The Growing National Crisis Answers

The Growing National Crisis Answers - T :The1850sANSWERS 1...

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The Growing National Crisis: The 1850s ANSWERS 1. Many Southerners supported the Compromise of 1850 because it: a. Provided that cotton be substituted for currency as a medium of exchange. b. Made the number of free states and slave states equal. c. Legalized slavery in all the newly acquired territories. d. Provided for the possible creation of five states out of texas. e. Provided for the return of fugitive slaves. 2. Despite earlier efforts to settle the issue, the slavery question became a major issue in the 1840s and  1850s because the: a. U. S. Supreme court had a northern majority. b. Nation was expanding to the west. c. Evangelists of the second awakening raised the issue frequently. d. Existing political parties needed an issue which would unite their members. 3. By opening territory north of 36º 30' to slavery, the Kansas-Nebraska Act repealed the: a. Dred Scott decision. b. Northwest Ordinance. c. Missouri Compromise. d. Wilmot Proviso. e. Compromise of 1850. 4. Stephen Douglas' advocacy of popular sovereignty in the Kansas-Nebraska Act ignited rather than  dispelled the flames of sectionalism. Popular sovereignty sought to: a. Allow blacks to vote in the Kansas-Nebraska territories. b. Force the Supreme Court to rule on slavery's constitutionality. c. Forbid masters from returning runaway slaves to the South. d.
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The Growing National Crisis Answers - T :The1850sANSWERS 1...

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