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System strengthsandweaknessesof

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Unformatted text preview: research to include consumer interviews. 5­ 17 Marketing Info. System • Research approaches: Survey research is widely used to gather descriptive information. Single source data systems gather Experimental research investigates cause and effect relationships. information from consumer panels Survey research faces many problems 5­ 18 Marketing Info. System • Key Contact Methods Include: Mail surveys Telephone surveys Personal interviewing: Online (Internet) research Individual or focus group • Each contact method has strengths and weaknesses 5­ 19 Marketing Info. System Strengths and Weaknesses of Contact Methods Relate to: • Flexibility • Sample control • Data quantity • Cost • Interviewer effects • Speed of data collection • Response rate 5­ 20 Marketing Info. System • Sample: subgroup of population from whom information will be collected • Sampling Plan Decisions: Sampling unit Sample size Sampling procedure: Probability samples Non­probability samples 5­ 21 Marketing Info. System • Research Instruments: Questionnaires Include open­ended and closed­ended Mechanical instruments questions Phrasing and question order are key 5­ 22 Marketing Info. System • Step 3 of the Research Process: Implementing the Research Plan • Step 4 of the Research Process: Interpreting and Reporting the Findings 5­ 23 Involves collecting, processing, and analyzing information. Marketing Info. System • Analy...
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