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Unformatted text preview: T he M ar keti ng Envi r onment Chapt er 4 Object ives • K now t he envir onment al for ces t hat affect t he company’s abilit y t o ser ve it s cust omer s. Realize • Realize how changes in t he demogr aphic and economic envir onment s affect mar ket ing decisions. decisions. 4- 2 Object ives • I dent ify t he major t r ends in t he f ir m’s nat ur al and t echnological envir onment s. envir • K now t he key changes in t he polit ical and cult ur al envir onment s. envir Under • U nder st and how companies can r eact t o t he mar ket ing 4- 3 Case St udy Volk sw agen • “ M illennial fever ” set t he st age t o br ing back t he Beet le VW’s • V W’s invest ment : $ 560 million Demand • D emand quickly out st r ipped supply out The • T he new VW beet le enjoyed cr ossenjoyed gener at ional appeal Ear • E ar ned many awar ds awar Beet • B eet le now account s f or over 25% of company sales company D i scussi on: Wi l l the fl ower -power M i cr obus succeed 4- 4 next? n ext? K ey Envir onment s • M ar ket ing Envir onment T he act or s and for ces t hat affect a The f ir m’s abilit y t o build and maint ain successful r elat ionships wit h cust omer s. cust Aspect s of t he mar ket ing envir onment : M i cr oenvi r onment M acr oenvi r onment 4- 5 The M icr oenvir onment A ctor s Affecting a F ir m’s Ability Actor to Ser ve Customer s to • Company • Supplier s Cust • Cust omer M ar ket s • Compet it or s • Publics • M ar ket ing I nt er mediar ies 4- 6 The M icr oenvir onment Depar • D epar t ment s wit hin t he company impact mar ket ing planning. i mpact Supplier • Supplier s help cr eat e and deliver cust omer value. cust Tr eat supplier s as par t ner s. • M ar ket ing int er mediar ies help sell, pr omot e, and dist r ibut e goods. pr I nt er mediar ies t ake many for ms. 4- 7 The M acr oenvir onment • Cust omer mar ket s must be st udied. Consumer , business, gover nment , r eseller Consumer and int er nat ional mar ket s exist . and Successful • Successful companies pr ovide bet t er cust omer value t han t he compet it ion. cust Size and indust r y posit ion help t o Size det er mine t he appr opr iat e compet it ive st r at egy. st Var • V ar ious publics must also be consider ed. consider 4- 8 The M icr oenvir onment T ypes of Publics • Financial • M edia • Gover nment • L ocal • Gener al • I nt er nal Cit • Cit izen Act ion 4- 9 The M acr oenvir onment M acr oenvir onmental F or ces • Demogr aphic • • • Economic • Nat ur al Technological Polit ical • Cult ur al 4- 10 The M acr oenvir onment • K ey Demogr aphic Tr ends Wor ld populat ion gr owt h Changing age st r uct ur e T he U.S. popul ati on consi sts of seven gener ati onal gr oups. Baby – B aby boomer s, Gener at ion X, and Gener at ion Y ar e key gr oups. D i sti nct segments typi cal l y exi st w i thi n 4- 11 The M acr oenvir onment K ey Key Gener ations G ener • Baby B oomer s • Gener ati on X • Gener ati on Y Bor • B or n bet ween 1946 and 1964 1964 Repr • Repr esent 28% of t he populat ion; ear n 50% of per sonal income per • M any mini-segment s exist wit hin t he boomer gr oup gr Ent • E nt er ing peak ear ning year s as t hey mat ur e y ear • L ucr at ive mar ket for t r avel, ent er t ainment , housing, and mor e h ousing, 4- 12 The M acr oenvir onment K ey Key Gener ations G ener • Baby B oomer s • Gener ati on X • Gener ati on Y Bor • B or n bet ween 1965 and 1976 1976 • Fir st lat chkey childr en • M aint ain a caut ious economic out look economic Shar • Shar e new cult ur al concer ns concer Repr • Repr esent $125 billion i n annual pur chasing power power Will • W ill be pr imar y buyer s of most goods by 2010 4- 13 of The M acr oenvir onment K ey Key Gener ations G ener • Baby B oomer s • Gener ati on X • Gener ati on Y Bor • B or n bet ween 1977 and 1994 1994 72 • 72 million st r ong; almost as lar ge a gr oup as t heir baby boomer par ent s par New • N ew pr oduct s, ser vices, and media cat er t o GenY GenY Comput • Comput er , I nt er net and digit ally saavy digit Challenging • Challenging t ar get for 4- 14 The M acr oenvir onment • K ey Demogr aphic Tr ends Changing Amer ican household Geogr aphic populat ion shift s B et t er -educat ed, mor e whit e-collar Bet wor kfor ce w or I ncr easing Diver sit y 4- 15 The M acr oenvir onment The • T he Economic Envir onment A ffect s consumer pur chasing Affect power and spending pat t er ns. power T wo t ypes of nat ional economies: Two subsist ence vs. indust r ial. subsist U .S. consumer s now spend U.S. car efully and desir e gr eat er value. car 4- 16 The M acr oenvir onment • K ey Economic Tr ends U.S. income dist r ibut ion is skewed. U pper cl ass, mi ddl e cl ass, wor ki ng cll ass and the under cl ass. c Ri ch ar e getti ng r i cher , the mi ddl e cl ass i s shr i nki ng, and the under cl ass r emai ns poor . Consumer spending pat t er ns ar e Consumer changing. changing. 4- 17 The M acr oenvir onment • The Nat ur al Envir onment Concer n for t he nat ur al Concer envir onment has gr own st eadily, i ncr easing t he impor t ance of t hese t r ends: Shor tage of r aw mater i al s Shor I ncr eased pol l uti on I ncr eased gover nmental i nter venti on 4- 18 The M acr oenvir onment • K ey Technological Tr ends T he t echnological envir onment is The char act er ized by r apid change. char N ew t echnologies cr eat e new New oppor t unit ies and mar ket s but make old t echnologies obsolet e. m ake T he U.S. leads t he wor ld in The r esear ch and development spending. spending. 4- 19 The M acr oenvir onment • The Polit ical Envir onment I ncludes laws, gover nment al agencies, and pr essur e gr oups t hat impact or ganizat ions and individuals. K ey t r ends include: and I ncr eased l egi sl ati on to pr otect busi nesses as wel l as consumer s. Changes i n gover nmental agency enfor cement. enfor I ncr eased emphasi s on ethi cal behavi or and soci al r esponsi bi l i ty. 4- 20 The M acr oenvir onment • The Cult ur al Envir onment I s composed of inst it ut ions and ot her f or ces t hat affect a societ y’s basic values, per cept ions, pr efer ences, and behavior s. per Cult ur e can influence decision making. Cor e beliefs ar e per sist ent ; secondar y Cor cult ur al values change and shift mor e easily. easily. T he cult ur al values of a societ y ar e The expr essed t hr ough people’s views. expr 4- 21 The M acr oenvir onment C ultur al values ar e expr essed Cultur via how people view : v ia • Themselves • Ot her s • Societ y • Nat ur e The • Or ganizat ion • T he Univer se s U niver 4- 22 Responding t o t he M ar ket ing E nvir onment React • React ive: Passive Accept ance and A dapt at ion Companies design st r at egies t hat avoid Companies t hr eat s and capit alize upon oppor t unit ies. oppor Pr • Pr oact ive: Envir onment al M anagement U se of lobbyist s, PR, adver t or ials, Use l awsuit s, complaint s, and cont r act ual 4- 23 ...
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