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Basic Analysis Page 1 Competitive Analysis [ ] This Competitive Comparison Matrix provides for a comparison of strengths and weakn Consider both direct and indirect competitors, inside and outside of your industry. [ ] Replace the sample data in the unprotected cells in blue with your own information. Yo referenced in cells A30 & A31, but do not change their purpose! Your Company Competitor 1 Company [Company] [Company 1] Market Perception High price/expressive Conservative/mid price Key Product [Product Name] [Product Name1] Percent of Total Sales [x]% [x]% Key Personnel President/CEO/Owner [Name] [Name] VP Finance [Name] [Name] VP Marketing [Name] [Name] VP Sales [Name] [Name] VP Product Development [Name] [Name] Number of Employees [x] [x] Financial How Held [Private/Public] [Private/Public] Shares Outstanding [# of shares/na] [# of shares/na] Recent Share Price [Price per share/na] [Price per share/na] Cash [if known] [x] [x] Venture Backed [yes/no] [yes/no] Lead Investors [Investor's name] [Investor's name] 1994 Sales $5,500,000 $7,500,000 1995 Sales (estimated) $8,000,000 $9,000,000 Percent Growth 45% 20% Sales, Distributorship and Pricing Primary Channel Method Reseller Reseller Primary Price Point [x] [x] Discount Structure 50% Off @ wholesale 50% Off @ wholesale Annual Quantity Sold [x] [x] Market Share Estimate [x]% [x]% Product/Service General Analysis
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Basic Analysis Page 2 Their Products are: Easy to use Difficult to install Fulfills promises Cumbersome to use Subjective Qualitative Assessment [ ] Grade activities on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the strongest. Market Acceptance 4 3 Merchandising 3 5 Packaging 4 4 Advertising Quality 5 4 Public Relations 3 3 Price 2 4 Product 4 4 Promotion 4 2 Product Acceptability 3 4 Probability of Future Threat na 5 Trade-in Value na na Upgrades 2 2 Useful Life 4 4 Average Competitive Score 3 4
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ci_example1 - Basic Analysis Competitive Analysis [ ] This...

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