Contacts - Lecturer Coimbatore 9865737597 99bp24 Guna...

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Names Company Place Contact No 99bp01 Abru TCS London Don’t know 99bp02 Chitti ITC Bangalore 9880553488 99bp03 Gaja Georgia Pacific Atlanta, US +17192147972 99bp04 CJ Infosys Minneapolis, US 13016618443 99bp05 Kalai - Rajapalayam Don’t know 99bp06 Keerthi CTS US +15402305096 99bp07 Krithika (Ph.D) Detroit, US +17343559767 99bp08 Lokesh Consultant Kansas, US +16303474476 99bp09 Mani (Mfg) Chennai 9710422549 99bp10 Manoj HP Bangalore 9243413860 99bp11 Mothi CTS Chennai 9500080235 99bp12 Techlee Infosys Salt lake city, US +18135070123 99bp13 Paolo Entrepreneur Cochin 9387933660 99bp14 Prasad Infosys Saudi Arabia Don’t know 99bp15 Rago CTS Hartford, US +18609926646 99bp16 Rajesh Keane Chennai 9894202878 99bp17 KCV TCS Amsterdam, Holland +31614669788 99bp18 LG Irevena Chennai 9841610538 99bp19 Ram Audco Chennai 9444457173 99bp20 Rasa TCS Dusseldorf, Germany +491719435631 99bp21 Butti Keane US +19788061764 99bp22 Sallai Port Hartcourt India 9884712890 99bp23 Ole
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Unformatted text preview: Lecturer Coimbatore 9865737597 99bp24 Guna Airtel Bangalore 9900190292 99bp25 Sathish Hudson Dairy Salem 9677066172 99bp26 Swarna Infosys Hyderabad 9989248896 99bp27 Uday CTS US Don’t know 99bp28 Venky CTS Chennai 9790962448 99bp29 Vinodhini Infosys Bangalore 9845894505 00hp01 Kamal IIM Lucknow 9936154389 00hp02 Karthik John Deere Waterloo, US 13192909562 00hp03 Murali Keane Chennai 9841421234 00hp04 Parthi Auto Liv Bangalore 9741785115 9962233112 9880553488 +17192147972 9739398598--not sure--9710422549 9243413860 9500080235 9500080235 9387933660 9052788828-9894202878-9841610538 9444457173--9884712890 9865737597 9900190292 9677066172 9989248896-9790962448 9845894505 9936154389 9840687429 9841421234 9741785115 Contact No in India...
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Contacts - Lecturer Coimbatore 9865737597 99bp24 Guna...

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