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MSE 170B Final EXAM-Sp10-Review - MSE 170B Spring 2010...

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MSE 170B Spring 2010 - Final Exam Study Topics An objective of this course has been to teach you the relationships between structure-processing and properties. Some of the questions on the exam will require you to relate properties, structure and processing. Reading as per syllabus on website Specific areas you should know include: (See midterm review sheet as well) Basic Atomic structure and electron configurations, role of valance electrons Interatomic forces, types and magnitudes of bonding and how they affect material properties: i.e. melting point, elastic modulus, electrical properties, plastic deformation, dislocation motion, fracture toughness, etc. .. Basic Crystal structures (BCC, FCC), directions, planes, close packed, CN, density Types of defects: vacancies, interstitials, dislocations, grain boundaries, surfaces, pores Diffusion: concentration gradients, Ficks 1 st law, steady state vs. non-steady state, activation energy Mechanical Properties:
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