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Axia College Material Appendix F Complete activities I, II, & III, and post to the Individual forum. I. Use the diagrams on pp. 103-104 to complete sections A, B, & C. A. C. 1 Oral cavity 1 Liver 2 Teeth 2 Duodum 3 tongue 3 Ascending colon 4 Sublingual gland 4 Cecum 5 Submandibular gland 5 Appendix 6 Parotid gland 6 Rectum 7 pharynx 7 Anus 8 esophagus 8 Transverse colon B. 9 Descending colon 1 esophagus 10 Sigmoid colon 2 Cardiac phincter 11 Ileum 3 fundus 12 Stomach 4 Body of stomach 13 Spleen 5 pylorus 14 Jejunum 6 Pyloric sphincter 7 pancreas 8 duodenum 9 Omentum 1 0 Antrum 1 1 Rugue 1 2 cardia Determine the primary function of the following system components. Structure Function- What is the purpose of the body part? 1 Tongue The tongue mixes with the food and saliva to begin the process of digestion And assists in talking HCA 220
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2 Submandibular gland Ducts from these glands brings saliva into the oral cavity 3 Rugae Are deep folds in the stomach that expand as the stomach fills with food 4 Cardiac sphincter Keeps food in the stomach it is located at the inferior end of the stomach 5 Duodenum The mucosa of the duodenum produces mucus to protect its self from stomach acid. The duodenum curves round the pancreas and connects with the jejunum digestive enzymes from the gallbladder and pancreas enters the duodenum through ducts. 6 Omentum Supports the stomach in position within in the abdominopelvic cavity and hangs down like an apron over the small intestine to protect and cushion it. 7
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HCA 220 appendix F week 4 - Axia College Material Appendix...

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