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HCA 220 DQ 1 week 5 - patients immune system will be run to...

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HCA 220 DQ 1 week 5 DOB-02/02/48, DATE-06/07/2010 Patient complains of severe pain in hands and joints, combined with redness and swelling amplified by cold and repetitive use. Patient had tried several OTC medications for relief with little success. A full hematological work up will be ordered, a full systemic X-ray will also be ordered to check for osteoarthritis in the joints. A work upon the
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Unformatted text preview: patients immune system will be run to check for pathogens to see how the patients basophils are responding or if there is a lack of response in the patient cytokines. A prescription of anit-inflammatories and pain medication is ordered and to be continued as a pain management treatment. Lyndy Boucher...
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