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HCA 220 DQ 2 week 5 A blood sample has come into the lab and is being checked for bacterial infection. a bacterial infection will increase the number of bands in the differential count also known as a shift to the left. to check for a bacterial infection or differential count a complete blood count with differential a (CBC) must be performed to do this. This is done on a slide under a microscope. On a tally sheet each leukocytes white blood cells
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Unformatted text preview: (WBC's) has its own column, the technician marks each column. The column to the left is for bands when there are more marks in that column the differential is shown to shift to the left and there for a bacterial infection is detected. http://host7721.mytruvirtual.com/AudioAceHHS/?a=d1Ly6LOhEU-o4Fr6XPG5oQ Lyndy Boucher...
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