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Of the metaphysical ideas, the one that seems most logical to me is, alternative view, since neither, dualism, materialism, or idealism gives enough ground for anything to be any other way. When one thinks, truly thinks about these metaphysical ideas one cannot say for certain that any of them are right or wrong. From what I have read and experienced in my life I can only agree with the alternative views, "that mental and physical are must different ways of looking at the same thing." (Moore & Burder 2008, p.106). Since everyone views things differently how can anyone say which view is correct. I once thought everyone knew that the earth moved around the sun, I mean how could they not, and yet I Have found out that their are people all over the world who still believed it the other way. Their mental and physical perceptions of how they saw and believed things were merely different than ours, as many of them are being shown how the earth and moon moves around the sun, their mental and physical perceptions
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