PHI 105 week 3 letter - suffering in despair However I...

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Dear Mr. Kierkegaard, You have several interesting views on the world and all the people who live in it. If I am to assume by your musings that you believe that everyone is walking around in despair, suffering from living in a world of irrational people and things. And that the only way one is to get beyond this entombing sense of dread is to believe in something that can neither be seen, heard, touched, not to mention proven exists. And yet you suggest that this imaginary thing will erase all this despair that you say is running peoples’ lives. If this is your thinking and reasoning, then how is it that people would have individual will to make choices, of what is right or wrong to run their lives? For if they must cling to this God to keep from spiraling into this abyss of despair then there is no choice, no individual will. You cannot have individual will and choice when faced with the outcome of either choosing God and not being in despair or not choosing to believe in God and
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Unformatted text preview: suffering in despair. However I would have to agree that the world is full of opposition and unrest. Yet with everyone making thoughtful conscious decisions and learning from the good decisions as well as the bad, do you not think the world as a better place as everyone learns from each other, our individual will and needs driving each of us to make both rational and irrational decisions, which in the end brings knowledge to all of us, and that with this knowledge of things help to ease any despair that people may feel? A final observation as seen from a bystander, if I were to see everyone and everything in despair and dread in constant suffering I would likely begin to feel these same things and choose to find a more rational way of thinking for fear that the path I was on would in truth destroy me before it did the world. Best regards, Lyndy Boucher...
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PHI 105 week 3 letter - suffering in despair However I...

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