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Phi 105 DQ 3 week 4 Traditional ethics are those ideas, thoughts and moral thinking's to which we have come to learn how to live by, and society has come to be governed by. As people change, and societies grow older, traditions become lost, and new ones then arise for learned knowledge. This of course is natural, all things grow and change and continue to develop. Modern ethics is in such traditional ethics given way to modern ethics and the patterns and new ways of thinking. One can not continue to think and keep up ethical thinking from a culture that believed it was okay to feed people to lions for sport, if that were done today people who did so would be put in jail because now a day we know this is wrong, it is unethical and yet when it was being performed in olden times it was thought of as everyday thing. Now amusingly enough Christianity was born our of philosophers need to put a rational thinking to the world around, not because there was a God. And because of this thinking
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Unformatted text preview: and philosophies a traditional ethic began, which has perpetuated into Modern ways and ethics and has continued to transform Modern ethics, thinking and peoples ways of life. Augustine and Aquinas theories that "the natural law was conceived by these church philosophers to be the eternal moral law of God as humans apprehend it through the dictates of their conscience and reason." (moore& Burders, 2008. p. 334) When it comes to whether I believe in traditional or modern ethics is difficult for me to say since in fact I do not believe fully in either, and yet if I am to be made to chose I would have o say I believe mostly in modern ethics, do to the fact that modern ethics are at least to some degree more logical and more fact based over traditional ethics. I am not saying that modern ethics is perfect far from it, the human race has a long way to go and yet who know where and what modern ethics will continue to develop into. Lyndy Boucher...
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