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phi 105 week 5 checkpoint - ethical thinking In my...

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In my discussion group we could not agree on whether bad habits were merely habits or a point of someone being of bad moral character. I would have to say that those in opposition of my view, that bad habits are merely bad habits not bad moral character are following traditional ethical thinking. Within as which my opponents saw all bad habits as pertaining to ones character other than realizing that habits have nothing to do with a person character, but the way they do things. Traditional ethical thinking is based on what is all around a person, their thinking, behaviors, the way they live, instead of being separated into these compartmental as in modern
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Unformatted text preview: ethical thinking. In my discussion group we all did come to the same agreement that small towns judge people on a harsher level as in morality than in big cities and that they hold onto these first readings of someone’s morality for the rest of someone’s life whether they change everything about who they are and became a completely different person. The rational of this kind of thinking is the group dynamics, the people who lived in the towns the longest usually the ones to make the judgments of how someone’s character is and since others do not want to be labeled in a bad way they go along with whatever is being said. It is sad but true....
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