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I do not believe that a person’s religious views should affect their treatment of others, whether one has a religion or not should not govern how one treats another, it goes back to the old saying, treat those how you would wish to be treated. Respect is not something that is bound by religion, everyone whether they are religious or not should treat others with respect, dignity, kindness, etc… Although this is a basis of many religious beliefs, and even taught as such in the religious foundations, it is not always held true. Humble generosity does exist, but it is hard to find, and even when we do, most times we do not even recognize it as such since we do not see it very often. I put it down to finding the perfect diamond among a thousand such diamonds. People with humble generosity are far rarer than can even be described. Humbled generosity is a rare trait, it is fact that although most people want to have humble generosity, greed, willfulness, lust and other such traits stand in the way
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Unformatted text preview: of true humble generosity. This scenario would be illustrated wonderfully today with the personal donations from heads of state. We always hear of people donating to so and so’s campaign, then that campaign runner giving thousands to their charity. It would be similar if at one of these events all the campaign runners were gathered applauding each other on how much they outdid each other with their charitable contributions. When a homeless mother of three pushes her babies stroller, with her two other children in tow up to the donation box, reaches in her purse, pulls out her last dollar, places it in the box and without a word slips away. The small family remains anonymous. This woman was a humble woman because she gave her last dollar for something she believed in…then she slipped away not wanting recognition, she simply did what she believed in and felt to be the right thing to do. ....
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