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Religious decisions can be made without faith. People in authoritarian positions do this all the time. Atheist  may make a decision about religion and yet have no faith, as in whether a church should or should not be built,  whether a religious group should or should not be allowed to march on a specific day, one does not have to have faith  to do either of these. However, with that said it is all depends on ones definition of faith, true faith to a believer is the  belief of an entity higher than oneself, an entity that he or she must answer to, and live one’s life according to. Yet,  faith to a non-believer does not include God it means to believe in something with a strong conviction. That definition 
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Unformatted text preview: of faith to an atheist means having a strong faith in anything. So the idea that religious decisions can be made without faith depends on the definition of faith. As in, if a believer in God would argue that faith must be present in religious decisions, as their definition of faith is different than the atheists. To a believer of God the definition of faith is having a whole belief in trust and in loyalty to God. So, it would be very hard for a believer to make a religious decision without consulting their faith, as in accordance with their God....
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