phi 105 week 7 checkpoint 1

phi 105 week 7 checkpoint 1 - 1 Siddhartha Gautama(Buddha...

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Siddhartha Gautama. (Buddha) “According to Buddha, suffering is in part the result of the transience and hence uncertainty of the world: indeed, all human problems are rooted in the fact of change and the a) This illustrates the philosopher’s goals on how humanity could end suffering, not only in one’s self but also in their surroundings. Buddha believed that by living a clean life without; selfish wants and desires, evil thoughts, lies and deceit that a person could reach enlightenment and thus end ones suffering, and as each individual becomes enlightened then worldly suffering would also end. “ Buddha did not believe in a divine creator or in divine salvation; thus, in his thinking, the problem of suffering is one that humans must cope with themselves.” (534). This is interesting, it shows that he thought that everyone is in control of their own lives, how they chose to live them, and that a divine creator does not pick and chose for people to suffer. More to the fact that we either chose to suffer or not. Buddha believed that by righteous thought and living that people could guide their own lives and erase all forms of suffering. And so in the context of this quote I think Buddha suggests that we revel in our suffering, that we have become accustom to it, and that by focusing on ourselves, and finding the peace inside, fear, anxiety and suffering
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phi 105 week 7 checkpoint 1 - 1 Siddhartha Gautama(Buddha...

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