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Sci 275 check point week 3 Q1 The viewing of the animated succession is a secondary succession. It is a secondary succession due to the fact that the land, trees and soil were there before the beavers built the dam. It took years for; silt, grass, debris, and dead trees to fill the lake created by the dam. This debris built up allowing the grass to grow, followed by small trees, then bigger and fuller forests followed, returning the land to its previous state before the dam was ever built. This is a typical case of a secondary succession. Q2 The hypothesis as to why limbless salamanders evolved came about in a combination of two steps. Without either one of these two steps this evolution could not have taken place. The first
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Unformatted text preview: step is that everything, whether it is plant or animal has its own variations, everything is unique to help it survive; some traits can actually cause the plant or animal to be weaker and cause its demise. And yet in order for stronger traits to help others of its kind the trait must be passed on over and over through reproduction. As this trait is passed on the recipients of the trait adapt, continuing to improve survival rates and the trait will also continue to change increasing survival rates of the species even more. This is called differential reproductive success, and with the variations occurring first one has natural selection succession....
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