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Sci 275 checkpoint Population The Four Factors of Population Some cultures strive to have many children, due to infant and child mortality rates being high. More children per family ensure a greater chance of one or more of them reaching maturity. Many cultures value male children over female children because they carry on the family name, they are schooled and able to obtain work, where females are not, and can provide for the parents in later years. Women are pressured to have as many sons as possible in some cultures, other cultures the female babies are abandoned or killed. Some cultures favor women with a higher status the more sons she bears, thus this pressure will have women continuing to have children to achieve the largest number of sons as possible during her child bearing years. Many cultures do not have the facilities or people to teach the skills needed for family planning
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Unformatted text preview: and in some countries the thought of family planning is dismissed. When cultures accept family planning women are healthier, birth rates are reduced and the babies are born healthier and the child death rate is reduced. The Nutria Population In the video on the Nutria, a female Nutria can have forty young in three years time, each set of young are capable of having young of their own at six months old. The Nutria are perfectly suited for their surroundings, with a large food source and very few to no predators, these few things are a huge factor in the Nutrias population growth. Once the food source is depleted the Nutrias population growth rate would diminish to the point where they could survive on what resources were left to them, and or they would move on to more fertile areas where better resources could be found....
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