Sci 275 checkpoint - solar power are keeping the materials cost effective for consumers to want to install it and in order for solar power to be

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Sci 275 checkpoint week 8 The three renewable energy sources the video described was wind power, which is produce by wind turbines, solar panels, and biomass fermentation, produced from grass, straw, wood chips and left over vegetation from crops being harvested. The challenges of using biomass to make fuel are that it takes a large amount of vegetation and a large factory to turn this vegetation into fuel, as well as convincing the farmers to actually collect the left over vegetation after a harvest, or allowing a biomass company to do the collecting of the material. The challenges of wind energy are locating areas to put the turbines where there will be a continuous supply of wind that is strong enough to turn the turbines to create the energy. The challenges of
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Unformatted text preview: solar power are keeping the materials cost effective for consumers to want to install it, and in order for solar power to be effective on a large scale, the panels would have to have to be made on huge scales to produce the energy needed for entire areas. One renewable energy source that was not shown in the video is hydro electric power, although dams are used to create hydro electric power new ways are being formulated to create hydro electric power without damming further river sources. Three common challenges of managing nonrenewable energy sources are the availability and how long the source will be available, along with the cost to extract, refine and transport the source to the consumer and the increasing cost to the consumer....
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