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Sci 275 DQ 2 My world view is one that is based on all people should be responsible for what they consume and dispose of as well as being responsible for how each of us can limit that consumption and that which we all waste and throw away thoughtlessly.With less consumption the is automatically less waste that goes into the earth, with less waste the earth can more easily rebuild its self, which will aid in the sustainability of our natural resources. The world views in the text are similar to this thinking, yet go into much further detail on the causes, amounts, and
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Unformatted text preview: kinds of consumption, waste and pollution, as well as the effects all of these have on people health, the earth’s future as well as the future way of life for everyone. The text also talked about how LDC (lower developed countries) and highly developed countries used their resources and if proper education on both sides of the spectrums were in place and actually followed then a more sustainable environment could be formed which in the end would benefit not only the earth but all people now and in the future....
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