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Sci 275 week 5 DQ 1 - 0.15 metric tons 100 USDA($ of...

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Sci 275 week 5 DQ 1 Hi Class, I had to use the carbon foot print website. After my calculations which I did two different ways, because it said to get a full carbon foot print of your household use 1, but to get a calculated total for the number of people that live there then enter that. So by entering 4 it came back with 0.18 metric tons of CO'2, 0.04 metric tons:1/4 of 100 USDA ($) of electricity in Oregon, and 0.14 metric tons 1/4 of 100 US gallons of propane for the month of march, when calculated as 1 it came back with 0.73 meteoric tons of CO'2,
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Unformatted text preview: 0.15 metric tons: 100 USDA ($) of electricity in Oregon and 0.58 metric tons: 100 US gallons of propane fro the month of March. The highest contributor to CO'2 is our use of propane, at 0.14 metric ton's, our current total emissions are 0.18 metric tons per month. Living where we do, we rely completely on propane for heat, although we have put in timed thermostats to try and reduce our propane usage it has only helped a small amount....
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