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Sci 275 week 5 DQ 2 The 3 potential indoor air quality hazards in my home are, all four people residing her smoke, the is inadequate ventilation, the HVA ducks are 20 years hold and have never been cleaned. I do believe that there is a health risk, based on exposure to these IAQ hazards. due to all the smoke always in the air and the old nicotine sticking to everything, that there is a greater chance of lung problems developing. Combined with
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Unformatted text preview: th lack of ventilation, i.e. the windows are never opened and the doors are only opened when someone is coming or going. The old HVA ducks could be full of all kinds of contaminates that could be blowing right back into the air for everyone to breath. What we can do to reduce our exposure to these hazards are, increase ventilation, smoke outside whenever possible and try to have the old HVA ducks cleaned or replaced. Lyndy Boucher...
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