CheckPoint - from the oceans lakes streams or our atmosphere in the form of our weather The seasons also dictate when this vegetation grows If we

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CheckPoint: Study of Earth Review Ch.1 in Visualizing Geography . This chapter discusses the Earth as a system comprised of four subsystems. Write a 200- to 300-word description of how these four subsystems interact with one another. In your response, identify one type of resource from each subsystem on which people depend. The earths 4 subsystems are the following lithosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, and finally the atmosphere. The lithosphere deals with all the earths land. The hydrosphere deals with all the earths’ water and ice. The biosphere deals with all the earths living things while the atmosphere deals with the earth’s weather and air. All the subsystems interact with each other when the water nourishes the land with the essential minerals that allows for the growth of the plants and vegetation needed to sustain life. Water can come
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Unformatted text preview: from the oceans, lakes, streams, or our atmosphere in the form of our weather. The seasons also dictate when this vegetation grows. If we did not have all the earths’ subsystems there would not be any life on earth. People depend on the four subsystems. People depend on the lithosphere because we need land to grow our food crops on. People depend on hydrosphere because all life needs some water. We need biosphere because we need living things. This includes human life as wells as other life. People depend on the atmosphere because that is the air we breathe. What would happen if we were with out air? With out the use of the air everything would eventually end up dying. The four subsystems are lithosphere, biosphere, atmosphere and the hydrosphere....
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