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1. Each student is required to post two substantive responses four out of seven days each week 2. Each student can access the Axia College Online Bookstore to buy textbooks for class. The link is located on the Course material tab. 3. 150 to 200 word count is required for Discussion Questions. 4. Yes. The Final Project for the Music and Art Review Selection is due. 5. Weekly feedbacks are posted in the IF by the facilitator. 6. Post a screen shot of your results page in your IF. 7. Plagiarism means to take someone’s work and present it as your own.
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Unformatted text preview: One possible consequence of plagiarizing is expulsion from the University. Another consequence is to be on Academic probation. 8. Ten points taken for each day late. The only assignment that has an exception to this rule the final project. 9. It has to contain information that is relevant to the topic. It must contain your opinion. 10. All UOP students can go to the Center for Writing Excellence for help with essays, research papers and etc. It is found under the University Library Tab....
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