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One example of a behavior considered deviant in the mainstream US but not in many places in the third world is failure of children to attend school, or failure of parents to encourage or require their children to attend school. In the US, school is a public institution: it costs no money to attend public school because tuition, books, and transportation are paid for by the state, and there are generally no required uniforms. School supplies must be provided by the family, but are low-cost even for very low- income people. Because children in the US do not generally contribute substantially to their family’s income, but must be cared for, school is a form of child care when children are young; while they are in school, their parents can work, knowing that the children are being looked after. There are also laws in most states requiring children to stay in school until a certain age, typically 16. Children who get into trouble with the courts may have “truancy” mentioned as a sign of character flaws or incomplete socialization. Failure to
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