Lab 03 - Preparation of Adipic Acid_10

Lab 03 - Preparation of Adipic Acid_10 - The Green...

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The Green Conversion of Cyclohexene to Adipic Acid Adapted from Deng et al., “Clean synthesis of adipic acid,” Green Chemistry , 1999 , 1 , 275-276. Key Concepts/Definitions Green Chemistry – a combination of techniques and principles that reduces or eliminates the use of highly hazardous, toxic or polluting substances in the design, manufacture and application of chemical products. Other terms you may have heard used are “environmentally benign chemical synthesis”, “environmentally friendly synthesis” or “alternative synthetic pathway” . However you say it, the idea is to produce chemicals necessary for our everyday lives with minimum impact on the environment. Phase Transfer Catalyst a chemical that extracts one of the reactants, most commonly an anion, across the interface into the other phase so that the reaction can proceed. Recrystallization – a process in which a crystalline material dissolves in a hot solvent , then returns to a solid again by crystallizing in the cooled solvent . Melting Point – the temperature at which a solid changes to a liquid at a given pressure. Melting Point Suppression – the phenomenon where the melting temperature observed is less than anticipated, most often due to a contamination of the compound with either water or another impurity. Filtration – a common technique used for separating a solid compound from a solvent . This can be done to separate solid impurities from a reaction solution, or to remove a solid product from a solution (i.e. after recrystallization). Vacuum Drying of Organic Solids
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Lab 03 - Preparation of Adipic Acid_10 - The Green...

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